ASG Group

10 May 2023

For over two decades, ASG has been providing businesses with innovative, high quality, and cost-effective IT services – from business strategy and advisory, to infrastructure and managed services. ASG offer their customers a genuine alternative in the IT Services landscape through their ability to provide a complete digital transformation service. ASG employs over 2000 staff in nine branches across Australia.

With their acquisition of SMS Technologies in late 2017, the ASG Group had two distinct print infrastructure and systems environments requiring integration under two separate vendor contracts. During its discovery process, CPC identified 25% underutilisation of print devices, a substantial amount of ‘waste printing’ and a lack of secure print technology. Additionally, the client requested a more dynamic and flexible print environment whereby staff travelling and operating across the nation could easily and securely print regardless of the branch location.

Key challenges CPC identified and resolved

Complete Print Solutions Professional and other services Australia, Asia

  • Integration of multiple printing infrastructure
  • Unsecured printing technology and high waste volume
  • Lack of flexibility across multiple locations


Smarter solutions get results

CPC deployed a complete print solution with a secure ‘follow you’ print functionality across the organisation whilst optimising user/printer ratios and consolidating the printer fleet. The preferred solution for the ASG Group consisted of Ricoh hardware with the Streamline ‘follow you’ print and scan management software platform.

25% print fleet consolidation

Resulting in considerable cost savings in infrastructure, consumables and a reduction in environmental impact with less ‘hard’ waste.

65% consolidation

Of the device fleet resulting in 17% total savings for the term of the agreement.

48% reduction

In total print volume – 6.5 million sheets of paper saved over 48 months.

Secure print functionality

For any network printer from desktop and mobile devices – documents only printed when the user is physically present.

Optimised document control

increasing employee efficiency and streamlining document processes.

Network-wide print fleet management and control

Auditing, reporting and greater end-user accountability.

Enhanced employee safety and workplace security

Through better visitor control and management.