Beaumont Tiles

23 April 2023

From a single store in Adelaide, Beaumont Tiles today has become an iconic national tile company with over 110 outlets catering to everyday Australians, commercial operators and tradespeople with customised offerings for high-end designers.
Concerned with spiralling costs and equipment reliability issues, Beaumont Tiles engaged Campbell and Partners in July 2017 to review existing contractual arrangements, identify print structure inefficiencies and design a ‘best fit’ solution before navigating a way forward with a new vendor. During the discovery process, CPC identified an ageing and increasingly obsolete equipment fleet compounded by unsupportive contractual arrangements based on fleet volume targets, which could not be met by the client.

Key challenges CPC identified and resolved

Complete Print Solutions Retail Australia


  • Spiralling costs
  • Aging and obsolete printing technology
  • Tedious and time consuming document workflows and processes
  • Considerable print waste


Smarter solutions get results

Working with Beaumont’s CFO, CPC provided direction on the contract variation that lead to a revised agreement with the incumbent provider whereby unreliable equipment could be replaced individually without a financial burden on Beaumont. Additionally, CPC identified that Beaumont would benefit from the introduction of a ‘follow you print’ capability to work from various locations both within the head office and the various state operation centres.

Based on Beaumont Tiles functionality and other requirements, CPC shortlisted three vendor solutions for Beaumont to consider. Out of these, a Ricoh hardware and Streamline print management software solution was selected as the ‘best fit’ and subsequently deployed.

The initial engagement for the corporate head office in Adelaide subsequently evolved into a ‘Complete Print Solution’ encompassing their state distribution centres in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with the first deployment to a retail outlet in 2019.

Increased print fleet reliability

less equipment downtime, fewer service calls resulting in significant savings.

Seamless remote fleet management

upgrading, meter reading and toner replenishment reducing the administrative burden on Beaumont’s staff.

Secure print functionality

Functionality within, and between, office locations.

Optimised document control

increasing employee efficiency and streamlining document processes.

Fleet usage monitoring and cost analysis

Auditing, reporting and greater end-user accountability.