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Uplift your cyber protection to face the threats of the modern world head-on. Our solution offers real-time threat detection, network visualisation, advanced investigation capabilities, proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms to boost your cyber security platform and give you peace of mind.

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Cyber protection

Enterprise Immune System Technology

Enterprise Immune System technology (Darktrace Antigena)

@DOCS deploy our Enterprise Immune System technology (Darktrace Antigena) to strengthen an organisation’s cybersecurity in a single unified system that is fast, easy and non-disruptive to install.

Traditional systems can be reactive, finding attacks when it’s too late. Our solution is proactive, always on and defending your business.

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Data Protection Solutions
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Data protection

Want best-practice data protection that achieves your desired RPO and RTO? @DOCS has you covered, with solutions that achieve your recovery point and time objectives.

Our solutions safeguard your data from corruption, compromise or loss; a must in a digital world where new threats are constantly emerging. We partner with enterprise-grade data protection software partners to build a bespoke solution for your business

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