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Powered by Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, our solutions improve content capture, storage and management.

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Intelligent Information Management

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

Our solution is the only intelligent information management platform that organises content based on what it is rather than where it’s stored. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Google-like search capability and a workflow engine, pre-existing file stores, network folders and disparate file systems can be indexed and searched, transforming them into intelligent digital assets.

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Three-step process

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Document Capture

Convert physical documents into full text searchable digital files

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Our powerful AI-based ECM software captures new or pre-existing documents and then organises them into a centralised location using metadata based on the content.

This approach saves valuable time and reduces costs. Your employees don’t need to remember where information is saved, or which version is the latest.

Your information is entirely searchable and can be retrieved in seconds.

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Business Workflows

Automate processes and procedure according to your business rules

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When new and existing content is captured, files are categorised using metadata and secured.

Our intelligent AI-based software supports business workflows by learning to identify documents with similar properties. As new documents flow into the organisation, they are quickly and correctly categorised for instantaneous search and retrieval. Operational efficiency, internal communication and customer service are improved.

Additionally, our software streamlines business workflows while ensuring organisational compliance.

Most documents within an organisation follow defined business rules. Our solution digitally enhances the process, dramatically increasing the speed of document creation, approval and execution. This, in turn, increases internal engagement and improves customer experience. We remove the slow/manual day-to-day business processes such as task assignments, authorisations and approvals, such as contract & quote approvals and invoicing.

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Information Management

Establish the information life cycle according to your business rules

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Information management is a growing challenge as organisations are inundated with ever-increasing data.

In fact, 93% of workers report being unable to find documents or content because it has been filed and/or incorrectly named. Further study has shown that 83% of workers inefficiently re-create existing documents as they could not effectively find an existing version.

Our software uses metadata and AI to correctly index documents in a central repository, so users never have to remember where they saved the content or the version they are looking for.

The power of this solution removes the human element from information management.

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